Last Minute Room Mom: Easy-Peasy Paper Plate Spider Web


I love this quick, easy Paper Plate Spider Web craft! It is the perfect last minute craft for school parties or to do with your little loves on a rainy afternoon. Thanks to my best friend Rachel for sharing this idea with me!

The best part: you probably have all the supplies in your house. 

The entire project takes about 10 minutes to complete. For my 7-year olds class, I plan to prep the plates by cutting the center out and punching the holes. 


  • Paper Plates (I used white; but you could use any color or pattern)
  • Yarn in orange, black, white or green (or again, whatever you have)
  • Plastic spiders or other critters (spider rings work great too)
  • Crayons; clear tape; single hole punch

Make it:

1. Cut out the center of the paper plate. 

2. On the inside ring of the paper plate, use your hole punch to make 10 evenly spaced holes.

3. Cut a length of yarn (about 2-3 feet worth). Tape one end on back of plate by one hole, leaving 2 inches of extra yarn to tie into a loop for hanging. 

4. Wrap a small amount of tape around the other end of the yarn. This creates a makeshift “needle” that will make weaving the yarn easier.

5. Weaving the yarn threw the holes on the inside ring of the plate, making a spider web pattern. After going through the last hole, cut yarn and tape cut end to back of plate.

6. Grab your spider or other creature. Nestle/weave in yarn or wrap a piece of clear tape around the spider legs and a piece of yarn to secure it in the web.

7. Decorate outside ring of spider web with crayons.

Happy Halloween!