Solutions: Address stampers and calling cards!

I remember the first time I had to fill out a form for Lily–it was her first pediatrician appointment. At the time, it seemed so exciting to be able to do things for my baby–it made Lily a real little person with a real identity.

Then came day care, later more doctors, school, horse back riding, art classes, choir, ballet and then a baby sister–who had activities, school and doctors and needed all the forms filled out. In these first two weeks of September, I’ve filled out about 35 forms. Sometimes, I need to fill out a nearly identical form-twice-for the same activity. It actually makes me want someone to install a microchip in my hand, so I can just scan in and be done.
This great solution comes from my husband’s Aunt Lydia. Lydia–who cans and cooks and crafts and works full time–has creative solutions! Lydia suggests buying a rubber stamper with your address on it and use this on your children’s forms. Keep the address stamper in your purse and voila, you have at least part of the tedious form complete in minutes!
And as luck would have it, Vistaprint has a free address stamp offer going now! Each stamper allows for 3 lines worth of text–which I fit in our last name (figuring that I will use the stamper for all of us and just write in the first name), our address (all on one line) and home telephone number.
And while you are shopping, grab 250 free business cards! Whether you have business card for professional purposes or not, personal “calling” cards are great. Use them when you meet a new mom or a potential babysitter or anyone you want to keep in touch with. Tuck one in your kids backpacks and use as luggage tags. Vistaprint has oodles of cute designs.
All you pay is shipping–which amounts to about $6.
A fabulous deal and effective solution that gets the Nana seal of approval!