About Nana


Nana. Being Fabulous.

Nana was my grandmother–a cook, a mom, a teacher, a nana, a traveler, an artist, a seamstress and an all around fabulous lady. Years after she passed away, I found a stack of her recipes boxes in my mother’s attic.

My find came at just the right time: My oldest daughter was still recovering from childhood cancer–a brain tumor. And I had  just survived my second run with preeclampsia, given birth to my second daughter (and second preemie),  lost my job and lost my way. I was totally missing.

I started cooking. I started crafting. I started writing again. But, what I really needed was some no-nonsense advice from my Nana.

I found it her recipes for zucchini relish and chocolate sauce. (And in a recreation of her homemade peanut butter, jelly and butter sandwiches. divine.)

Nana was fabulous and Nana’s legacy, her life, still lives on in her recipe boxes, her art, and in the faces of her two children, four grandchildren and eight great grandchildren.

It is a fabulous life.

Wanna know more about me? Swing by my memoir blog Yoke.


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