New Digs for Everyone’s Favorite Nana

284905_10150385753619167_1502322_nI am so excited leap back into the food and lifestyle blogging game.

I have notebooks full of great stuff to share with y’all and an itch to get cooking again. I am always up to something, so you never know what sort of shenanigans might pop up in Nana’s Fabulous Life.

This week at Nana’s Fabulous Life, I’ve got a full plate of goodness on tap, including:

+What to do with 39 pounds of salmon, halibut and rockfish

+Vintage Nana: Celebrating the 4th with Jello

+Review of Rose Romano Peppers

+Lily and Chloe Cook: The first of a series of cooking videos staring my two little trouble-makers and the world’s pickiest eaters.

So grab a gin and tonic, pick up your reading glasses and stay tuned for a fabulous ride.

PS I am still moving in and moving over the great content from my old site ( It will all be here soon, I promise.