Blooming Valentines!

I think homemade Valentine’s are super sweet. Three snow days and lots of glitter inspired this blooming Valentine craft! The project was Lily’s idea.

To make this blooming bouquet of Valentines, you just need some basic craft supplies and about 20 minutes.

The simple steps:

1. Make a flower shaped template on scrap paper. Trace on colored paper numerous times. Cut out. (I did this step)

2. On one side of the flowers write To: and From: (if you are giving as a Valentine). On the other side spread glue stick over areas of flower shapes. Sprinkle with glitter. (Lily did this on her own)

3. Use the hole punch to put a hole in the center of the flower.

4. Cut pipe cleaners in half. We used all sorts of colors.

5. Insert cut pipe cleaners through hole in flower. Bend the top of the pipe cleaner to secure it through hole.

6. And voila-a beautiful bouquet of Valentines!

Supplies: Construction paper or card stock in various colors Pipe Cleaners (in various colors) Glue Stick Glitter (in pink, of course!) Hole Punch Scissors